Full Service Construction

After we have achieved designing the perfect home for you, we will engage in preparing extensive structural working drawings.

Before construction commences we already know the project and your home inside and out. We will be on site everyday ensuring a smooth accurate build process, leaving you with an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

We will acquire all necessary building permits. Once our working drawings are completed they will be reviewed by a Professional Structural Engineer. Our drawings will then be processed by the city and approved for zoning, grading and Ontario Building Code review. If demolition of an existing building or structure is required we will have that permit issued at the same time.

In some instances, a minor variance to construct may be required from the Ottawa Committee of Adjustments. We will determine this early in the design phase allowing you to review the options prior to proceeding in that direction. We provide full service for application, presentation and participation at the scheduled city hearing.

Our construction team is made up of experienced and professional trades people who have qualified to be a part of Open Concept Home Design.

From footings to finishes we will oversee, inspect and ensure perfect construction. Our construction schedule, skilled trades and material purchasing will provide you with a cost efficient home built right and on time.

We know exactly how it should be built, after all… we designed it.


We will provide full design and build service for a new structure or for a full tenant fit-up of any business pedigree. From restaurants and boutiques to shops and yoga studios we will implement the latest in building materials and current design to satisfy your business goals.

New Custom Homes

We will meet with you to review your criteria and wish list of needs. From there, we will implement our own professional architectural influence resulting in creation and evolution of the perfect home.

Whatever your preference in style of architecture, we will bring it to life through accurate and meaningful design.

Whether your needs are for a new full scale custom home or restoration to a 100 year old existing building, we apply the same thorough design philosophy to all of our projects.

Additions & Restoration

Your home may be too small or too old in your view. In any case, we can visit with you to review your options at no charge.

Some of the greatest challenges in architecture are making a small space feel big. With proper design of form and space, this can always be achieved. A strategic removal of a partition or increased size of a door opening can do wonders for a home. Add the construction of a simple bump-out addition and a home can be completely transformed.

If you are concerned with the age and structural integrity of your home, or are concerned that the building is not level or square we can make an on-site structural review. We will determine if reinforcing components of your home is a wise option.

If your home is cold during the winter months, we can use the latest technology in insulating material to make your home energy efficient. We can also review the options for replacing the existing heating, plumbing and electrical systems if they are in poor condition.

Interior and Exterior Finishes – Design

Interior and exterior finishes are a crucial stage in the construction of a new home or addition. Finishes take some time because they need to be perfect ! These are the aspects that really show off the house. Our design consultants will walk you through an easy process of selecting colours and materials for every area of your home. The end result will be an impressive ever-lasting look, guaranteed!